ETIPWind workshop on Power-to-X

Let’s discuss about the next steps towards the energy transition!

The workshop organised on 21 February 2019 aimed to align efforts by various trade associations and technology platforms on the topic of (renewable) power-to-x by informing each other on various decarbonisation pathways and to explore the potential for indirect electrification of non-energy uses (processes and products) in carbon intensive industries based on wind energy.

The workshop focused in particular on large industrial sectors such as refineries or fertilisers where hydrogen has been used for decades and that are expected to be key early markets for power-to-hydrogen applications. The objectives of the discussion were be to compare the technical and economic constraints for the production of renewable hydrogen, ammonia or methanol, and to identify regulatory measures that can unlock their potential.

The 3 hour workshop was structured in four parts:

  1. A comprehensive overview of the decarbonisation needs in Europe and the related opportunities for
    wind power.
  2.  An update on the latest state of hydrogen electrolyser technology and the challenges and opportunities
    related to large scale applications by experts from the hydrogen community.
  3. Incentives and barriers for indirect electrification (power-to-x) by representatives from energy
    intensive industries.
  4. Possible business cases for power-to-x from the perspective of the wind industry.

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