What is ETIPWind?ETIPWind Objectives

The European Technology and Innovation Platform on Wind Energy (ETIPWind) was first established in 2016. The platform is funded by the European Commission under the SETIPWind project in the framework of the Strategic Energy & Technology Plan (SET Plan).

The European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIPs) were created to support the implementation of the SET Plan across Member States, industry and researchers in key sectors. They promote the market uptake of key energy technologies by pooling funding, skills, and research facilities.

ETIPWind gathers 35 wind industry and research experts who define common Research and Innovation (R&I) recommendations for EU and national policymakers. One of the ETIPWind’s missions is to identify strategic R&I priorities for wind energy so it can feed the elaboration of the calls for proposals of Horizon Europe – the EU’s funding programme for R&I.  

Research & Innovation for wind energy:

Wind energy will play a critical role in achieving the EU’s climate and energy security goals. The EU wants wind energy to meet 50% of its electricity needs by 2050. ETIPWind’s vision is to support wind energy to become the leading solution to deliver the resilient, affordable, and sustainable energy transition Europe needs.

But to set us on track to reach climate neutrality by 2050 the EU must install 425 GW of wind energy by 2030, up from 220 GW today. This target is within reach for the European wind industry. But Research & Innovation will be crucial to accelerate the wind deployment in Europe. This will help maintain the competitiveness of the supply chain and ensure Europe remains the global leader in wind energy technology. 



About the SETIPWind project

Since September 2022, the SETIPWind project supports the activities of:

  • ETIPWind gathering industry and research experts from the whole wind energy supply chain
  • IWG Wind (the Implementation Working Group on Wind energy) gathering representatives from Member States in charge of national research agendas for wind energy.

But the SETIPWind project also helps to position wind energy as a strategic industrial sector for Europe by:

  • Updating the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) and the Technology Roadmap laying down the specific R&I priorities the wind energy sector
  • Publishing targeted factsheets helping to raise awareness about wind energy technology or to deep dive into policy-oriented issues.
  • Providing both an in-person and online platform to facilitate an informed discussion within the wind energy R&I community thanks to public workshops or events.
  • Aligning national R&I priorities thanks to close collaboration between the SET Plan countries within the IWG Wind.



ETIPWind Structure - chart


ETIPWind Secretariat is funded by SETIPWind project.