ETIPWind webinar: ‘Electricity grids for a climate-neutral Europe’

Join us on 9 December! Learn and discuss the strategic priorities and recommendations to make Europe’s electricity grids ready for climate neutrality.

Europe’s electricity grids are and will remain the backbone of its energy system. They are the platform to build upon for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and delivering climate neutrality in 2050.

Within the next three decades the energy system will undergo a radical transformation. Electricity grids at all voltage levels will need to change fundamentally to allow for ambitious electrification of industry, building and transport. This requires more investments in research & innovation, grid optimisation and grid expansion.  Grid investments will need to double from the current €40bn a year by 2025 at the latest.

To help deliver on the EU’s ambitious climate and energy targets, the European Technology and Innovation Platform on wind energy (ETIPWind) has gathered energy experts to set up the key building blocks and technology solutions to enable grids fit for a renewables-based energy system. The outcome will be available in the latest ETIPWind factsheet on ‘Electricity grids for a climate-neutral Europe’.

During the webinar experts will discuss opportunities and challenges related to:

  • Grid efficiency;
  • System flexibility;
  • Grid development; and
  • Renewables-based electrification.

Access the proceedings here. And read our new factsheet!

ETIPWind factsheet

Full programme

  • Adrian Timbus, ETIPWind Executive Committee Chair/ Vice President Portfolio and Strategic Marketing, Hitachi Energy
Presentation of the ETIPWind Factsheet ‘Electricity grids for a climate-neutral Europe’
  • Daniel Fraile, Director of Market Intelligence, WindEurope
Panel discussion & Q&A
  • Vera Silva, CTO, GE Grid Solutions, and Vice President T&D Europe
  • Kristian Holm,  Technical Director, Renewable Solutions, Equinor
  • Rena Kuwahata, Business Development Manager, Ampacimon, and Vice Chair at CurrENT
  • Jean-Baptiste Paquel, System Planning Manager, ENTSO-E
15.45-15.50 Conclusions