Europe needs to invest more in electricity grids. But where?

On 9 December ETIPWind organised an online webinar on ‘Electricity grids for a climate-neutral Europe’. The event saw the launch of the last ETIPWind factsheet.

To help deliver on the EU’s ambitious climate and energy targets, ETIPWind gathered energy experts to identify the key building blocks and technology solutions that will make Europe’s grids fit for a renewables-based energy system. The outcomes are spelled out in the ‘Electricity grids for a climate-neutral Europe’ factsheet.

The factsheet builds on the ‘Getting fit for 55 and set for 2050: Electrifying Europe with wind energy’ report published by ETIPWind and WindEurope in June 2021. This report showed renewables-electrification is the most cost-effective way to decarbonise Europe’s economy.

But it will require ruthless prioritisation on the technologies, infrastructure and business models that will effectively deliver climate neutrality. Europe needs to double its annual investments in electricity grids and unlock innovative market solutions such as hybrid offshore power plants.

The new ETIPWind factsheet spells out four technology and policy areas Europe needs to work on to deliver the electricity system necessary for a climate-neutral energy system by 2050. They are:

  • Grid development;
  • Grid efficiency;
  • System flexibility; and
  • Renewables-based electrification.

During the webinar industry experts agreed that there is an urgent need to increase collaboration among stakeholders and to implement new technologies to deliver electricity grids that are able to uphold climate neutrality in 2050.

Access the full proceedings:

ETIPWind factsheet

Event report