AEE Webinar on “The future of floating offshore wind in Spain”

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The Iberian region as a hub for technology development and industrial leadership in the field of floating offshore wind (FOWE)’ report, conducted by EIT InnoEnergy and made by Enzen, will be launched on Tuesday, 22 December at 10:00 CET. This event will be hosted by the  AEE (Spanish Wind Energy Association)

Spain and Portugal have unique competitive advantages in the floating offshore wind energy industry, creating enormous potential for the region to become a global hub – and the potential to create up to 50,000 highly qualified jobs and an annual business turnover of up to 5,000 million euros by 2030.

Javier Sanz, Renewable Energies Thematic Leader (EIT Innoenergy) and member of the ETIPWind Executive Committee, will be presenting the study dedicated to the potential of the Iberian region to develop the floating offshore wind technology. He highlights that “The promotion of a technological and industrial activity such as FOWE in the Iberian region will contribute not only to mitigate change through the development of a clean power generation technology, but also will bring a positive macroeconomic impact in the region, derived from the creation of qualified jobs, exports and GDP growth.”

Speakers will answer the following questions:

  • What is floating offshore wind technology and its market?
  • What is the opportunity for the Iberian region to become a hub for technology development and industrial leadership in the field of FOWE?
  • How can the Iberian region seize this opportunity?

More details of the event:

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