ETIPWind – The industry’s new research hub



ETIPWind: Research & Innovation policy at European and national level

R&I, politics and the wind power industry have never been as close as today. In November 2015, the European Commission awarded WindEurope to run the secretariat of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Wind Energy (ETIPWind). ETIPWind now acts as the hub that connects the three blades: research, politics and the industry. In particular, academics and chief technology officers (CTOs) advice the European Commission on R&I policies that:

  • Lead to reduction in LCoE.
  • Facilitate sustainable integration of significant additional amounts of wind energy into the EU grids.
  • Reinforce the technological leadership of the European wind energy industry.

The ETIPWind Advisory Group has defined four priorities to benefit from the European funding schemes: Grid systems, infrastructure and integration, operation and maintenance, industrialisation and offshore balance of plant.

The ETIPWind has two primary decision-making bodies:

  • Advisory Group: CTOs from leading developers, manufactures and utilities convene twice a year to advice on strategic R&I objectives.
  • Steering Committee: Technical representatives from leading wind energy industry and research institutions meet every three months to confirm the suggested objectives and execute follow-on activities.

The Steering Committee currently develops the Strategic Research Agenda for the EU funding in the next years. The ETIPWind website will show the final agenda in September 2016.

Should you have any questions on ETIPWind, please contact the secretariat.