The ETIPWind story – supporting Europe’s transition towards clean energy for all

Sustainable Energy week 2017. Here we go!

The large-scale deployment of renewable energy has been a cornerstone of EU energy policy since 2007, with the aim of delivering clean, affordable and secure energy to Europeans while supporting a transition towards a low carbon economy. The work of ETIPWind is essential to help the EU meet its objectives of a decarbonised energy sector by 2050.

We presented how wind energy contributes to EU sustainable energy goals, how ETIPWind is supporting efforts to scale up that contribution and how sustained R&I can unlock the growth potential of wind energy and renewables.

Additional presentations focused on two priority areas for wind R&I: energy management systems (EMS) and real-time analytics, and big data for operations and maintenance (O&M) automation. Progress in these areas will make wind energy a backbone of tomorrow’s energy system.

The presentations were followed by a discussion with representatives of industry, research and EU institutions and a closing networking event.

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