EERA JP Wind-SP1 Workshop: Discussion on EERA JP Wind R&I Strategy



EERA JP Wind will organise a  matchmaking event dedicated to wind energy related proposals for the Horizon Europe calls. This event will give participants an opportunity to meet other experts and stakeholders, interact, exchange innovative project ideas and find the best partners to work with.

The research area for wind energy is very broad. That means that not only the specific calls related to wind energy may be interesting for the JP Wind partners, but also calls with a more generic topics, such as digitalisation and system integration.

This event aims at bringing EERA JP Wind partners together for interacting under a workshop format in an open and creative virtual environment. Attendees will have the opportunity of making new contacts among the EERA JP Wind partners and experts, improve their knowledge on the latest trends, find opportunities for future collaboration, develop innovative ideas to act on the calls.

The workshop will mainly focus on calls that have a closing date next year. Partners are invited to express their view on potential proposals (tell us in advance by sending an e-mail to Flaminia at [email protected]) by Monday June 14.

For the calls that close this year, time pressure is already too large to allow for first exploring new consortia. Therefore we will only allow consortia with existing proposal concepts to express towards the EERA JP Wind partners the need of specific contribution to these proposals. Only pre-announced proposals will have the opportunity to shortly introduce the idea and the specific request they have.

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Registration is free, but mandatory. Please do it here.