Thursday 2 June 2016,

WindEurope office, Rue d’Arlon 80, Brussels


Scope: Validate the results of the analysis of past wind-related research efforts and provide input as regards future wind energy RD&I priorities.


Minute of the meeting

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*Additions to the programme may occur




Word of welcome and introduction 

Aidan Cronin, ETIPWind Steering Committee Chairman




Presentation of industry -and academia survey outcome + ‘gap analysis’ of past wind-related research

Daniel Fraile, WindEurope





Review of findings from each of the 5 research pillars of the SRA 2014 

  • Encouraging ETIPWind Steering Committee to dialogue and feedback on the results. Objective: extract vital trends and in-house research outcomes.
  • Word of reaction from Mr. Peter Hauge Madsen, DTU
  • Adoption of conclusions for input into future RD&I priorities

Daniel Fraile, WindEurope





Discussion on how conclusions should be presented at Horizon 2020 workshop the following day.

Presentation of the findings of the gap analysis of the SRA 2014 results carried out by ETIPWind.

Aidan Cronin, ETIPWind Steering Committee Chairman




Dinner – Maison du Luxembourg

Rue du Luxembourg 37