ETIPWind workshop, 3 June: Where should R&I funding go

Workshop to provide input into Horizon2020 work programme on secure, clean and efficient energy.

€2.38 billion available for the H2020 Energy Work Programme 2018 -2020. This is 50% of the programme budget for the period. The EU has raised its research and innovation (R&I) funds significantly to accomplish ambitious goals. The question remains where this money should go. On 3 June, ETIPWind hosted a first workshop where Europe’s wind energy community started defining the Strategic Resarch Agenda 2016.

More than 50 participants from over 15 countries identified four key areas:

The complex analysis built on three previous steps. 2,700 conference papers provided the basis. 230 people took part in an online survey conducted over the course of May 2016. Eventually, 25 experts scrutinised these results to facilitate a well-informed exchange at the workshop between academia, industry and the European Commission.


The next public workshop takes place on 27 September, where ETIPWind will present the agreed Strategic Research Agenda 2016 to the European institutions.


ETIPWind acts as the hub that brings the European wind energy community together because such a collaboration helps the industry reduce LCoE and Europe become world champion in renewables.